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Poetry Workshop for Adults – October 2018

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Living Borders…

An Exploratory Poetry Workshop for Adults

In the current milieu of movement, migration, environmental and societal changes, poetry resonates again. It is being used as a way to understand and develop personal identities. The workshop will explore readings of poets and poetry from various parts of the world to explore different voices, issues and styles.

The word ‘home’ evokes a complex set of ideas in our time, when global
immigration and refugee-crises continue while travel for leisure and
soul-searching becomes increasingly accessible and popular. Whether
home means a set of displaced people or lost objects, or a hell you
arrived at running away from another hell, or a place with bright
prospects in the future, it is an idea deeply connected to our notions
of who we are. Through readings in poetry and writing exercises, in
this two-day workshop participants will explore the intricate links
between language, home and self.

Participants will explore fun, unique and immersive poetry forms such as Black Out poetry, Pantoum, Japanese Whispers and beautiful in-law among others!

Workshop details:

Ages: 18 years and above

Dates: 20th October and 27th October

Timing: 4pm to 6.30pm

Venue: The Pomegranate Workshop, Ground Floor, Kalpana Building, Next to Don Bosco International School, Matunga East

Faculty: Snehal Vadher is an educator and a writer who has been teaching English and Creative Writing for over eight years. He holds a Masters degree in Creative Writing from The University of Manchester. He spent the last two years
voluntary-teaching English in rural Nepal. He currently writes
part-time for Peepal Farm, a stray animal rescue centre near
Dharamsala. Some of his work can be found online at Vayavya, Almost
Island and Juggernaut.

Course fee: Rs 3390/- + GST = 4000 Rupees/- including all materials:  (Participants will be provided stationery for writing as well as handouts.) (Tea and Coffee will be served at the sessions)

To register, please mail Zahra or Ruchika at with the participant’s full name and mobile number. Seats will be confirmed on fee payment.

For further enquiries contact

Zahra 9820521940 or Ruchika 8605286418 email:

Note: Cheques may be made out to ‘Pomegranate Eduworkshop Pvt. Ltd.‘. Cash Payments can be made from 11 am – 4 pm, Monday – Saturday at the Pomegranate office. Cheques can be couriered across to the office. Our address is:

The Pomegranate Workshop

Gr. Flr, ‘Kalpana’

Plot no. 14, Marubai Mandir Road,

Next to Don Bosco International School

Matunga (East) – 400 019

How to Tell a Story

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to tell a story rather than just read it aloud or recite it from memory? Do you find yourself looking for ways to make your stories, anecdotes or speeches more interesting for your audience, be they children or adults? Do you wish to learn how to tell a story? The Pomegranate Workshop gives you an opportunity to explore your storytelling potential, or hone your storytelling skills even if you have no background in theatre, acting or literature. You will get to listen to several stories, attempt the telling of several tales, and have at least one of your own ready to tell!

Art to the Beat

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Art to the Beat is a unique dance workshop that seeks to explore the relationship between visual art, poetry and dance: their use of rhythm and movement, their treatment of space and more importantly dance as a means of creative expression that can portray complex ideas and emotions with grace. Art to the Beat is a workshop that seeks to fulfill both, our secret desire to dance and our need to create meaning and communicate it to an audience.

Art in the 21st Century

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Art in the 21st Century is a workshop that focuses exclusively on Contemporary Visual Art to bring you up to speed on the rapid developments in the last 50 years. The workshop will look at artists whose works have forged new rules and brought in new media, such as film and video, music, props and even performance. In addition, the workshop includes extensive video footage of large pieces and art installations from around the world, slide show presentations, and clippings of interviews with artists in order to arrive at a deeper understanding of the creative process. Through interactive discussions participants can explore the relationship between the artist and his technique/materials, as well the relationship between the artist and society in the 21st Century.

Kala Smriti

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Kala, n: A Fine Art, an Art form

Smriti, n: “That which is remembered”

Kala Smriti is a basic, comprehensive course in Indian Art Appreciation, with diverse faculty who are established practitioners in the areas of visual art and cultural history.

With at least four leading experts drawn from the areas of visual art education, contemporary art practices and cultural and art history of India, this course encompasses the philosophical and mythological arenas of the Indian sub continent which are crucial to the understanding of this vast country’s visual art traditions and its current day practices.

Kala Smriti consists of 10 weekly sessions, conducted by a pantheon of established and reputed professionals, teachers and practitioners of art such as Radha Kumar, Manjiri Thakoor, Renu, Santosh Khirsagar and Geetu Hinduja. The sessions consist of extensive slide shows and interactive discussions with the resource persons.

The course covers ancient and medieval art (murals, temple sculptures, miniature painting) and then move into the realm of the modern with the Bengal School artists, before exploring the Bombay Progressive Artists Group and finally culminate in contemporary and non representational art practices of well known 20th and 21st century Indian artists.

No. of Sessions: 10

Session Duration: 2hrs

Know Your Art

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Know Your Art is a workshop series conducted once a week over a period of ten weeks.  It is a foundation level course designed for anyone who wants to extend their appreciation of the visual arts. The aim of the course is twofold – to arrive at a better understanding of art through an examination of Western art and to sensitize us to the value of art in contemporary culture.

Our SPECIAL FEATURES include an extensive slide show in each session, which encapsulates a large body of work of the period under discussion, briefing notes in advance of the session and detailed painting lists and datesheets to enable further reference on the works discussed.  In addition, the course concludes with a visit to a local gallery.

Through this short program we offer you the opportunity to develop a visual and historical framework so that you may understand, interpret and develop an ‘eye’ for art. Important pieces of art are studied and discussed through easy to understand approaches such as colour, composition, light & shadow, common themes etc. Major art movements such as Realism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art etc are explored, to get a broad understanding of the development and influence of Western Art.

ARTISTS COVERED include great masters such Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Van Gogh, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Renoir, Mark Rothko, Wassily Kandinsky among others. In an effort to analyse how the painter, sculptor or architect uses art elements and materials as a means of expression and communication, the workshops will look at different styles, mediums, genres and techniques.

The program addresses questions such as: How do you look at a work of art? What was the artist trying to express? How do we reconcile “Artist’s Intent” vis-a-vis our personal response to a piece of art? What makes an artwork? How do we know what we like? These slide illustrated workshops will move away from a conventional lecture format and instead take on a ‘Show and Tell’ approach. It will encourage a questioning attitude, individual interpretation and even hot debate – after all, art is subjective and we all have a right to form our own opinion and a right to choose art that we enjoy.

THIS COURSE IS OPEN TO ALL: the discerning connoisseur, the non artist, the lay person looking to develop their knowledge and understanding of art – so that just “looking” at art takes on a whole new meaning. In the end it’s not just about understanding art alone but experiencing it, sensing its hidden meanings and discovering a love for it.

No. of Sessions: 10, including gallery visit

Session Duration: 2hrs

Art with the Artists

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There is an artist trapped within all of us. A restless, confused artist bouncing off the walls in a padded cell deep within us. You know it – you’ve felt its sharp pangs all your life. When you look at a work of art, or an artist at work, and just wish that you could paint like that; when, out of the blue, you find yourself wondering where you’d be today if you’d gone to art school; when you buy paints and canvases on sheer impulse.

But what to do? Art is not a joke: it requires time, practice and guidance. At this age, who will teach us drawing and painting? And while we hesitate, and fear, and wonder, the artist in us continues to languish in its cage.

Now, the artist within you can find its release. Art with the Artists is a workshop that provides you with the thrill of experimentation, the freedom of artistic expression and the skills to capture beauty in all its forms.

Art with the Artists is a 12-week course where our expert faculty will teach you basic techniques and guide you in the usage of several art materials: Basic Sketching and Shading, Charcoal, Watercolour, Oils, Acrylics, among others. All materials used at the workshop are provided by us. Our faculty consists of Artists and Art experts Santosh Kshirsagar, Manjiri Thakoor, Anupam Singh and Sonie Thakkar amongst others who will impart their skills and experience to the participants in an easy, hands-on manner. The skills and techniques that you acquire at this course enable you to pursue art at any level of your choosing.

Art with the Artists is a unique opportunity to learn skills in art that will last you a lifetime. The workshop is open to all – irrespective of prior skill or experience. Let go the artist within you!

No. of Sessions: 12

Session Duration: 2hrs

What’s Your Story?

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‘The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what you mean.’

– Robert Louis Stevenson

Writing is an art, writing is a skill, writing is staring at a blank page the night before you have to submit an article, deliver a speech. Or you’re writing a script, and you can’t make it past the interval. Yet write you must. But how to go about it? How do you best present your ideas, how do you tell a good story?

What’s Your Story? is an 8-session workshop where writers of any level of proficiency – beginners or professionals – can find their voice and hone their craft under the guidance of author Meera Godbole-Krishnamurthy. The workshop will explore the elements of Fiction such as Plot, Character, Setting, Conflict, Dialogue, Language, etc. through exercises and assignments geared towards achieving a mastery over the elements that make for good writing in general and good fiction in particular. The workshop promises a wide selection of representative reading, challenging writing activities and extensive feedback through collective critiques of the participants’ writing.

This workshop is open to all those looking to improve their writing skills – in fiction or non-fiction, irrespective of profession or previous experience. If you have a novel idea, we assure you it’s a likely story.

No. of Sessions: 8

Session Duration: 3 hours each