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Poetry Workshop for Children – October 2018

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Home and Beyond

Home and Beyond is our first ever poetry camp where students take walks, work with visuals, listen to music, respond to art, create collages as they work with words, read poetry and create their own poems!

At this two day camp, participants will explore different forms of poetry, as they reflect on the theme ‘Home and Beyond’. What is home really? Your favourite chair, guitar, friends, or the quiet comfort of your room? Home is more than the physical space we inhabit. It extends to encompass the city, country, and planet on which we, along with a great multitude of creatures, thrive.  They will work with different poetry forms such as Calligrams, Acrostics, limericks, Japanese whispers accompanied by mix-media collages among others!

These young poets will explore links between themselves and their world or ‘home’ through poetry readings and writing exercises.  They will reflect on their life, their home, the world around them and the creatures in the ‘beyond’ too!

They will stretch their imagination and use their creativity as they express themselves through art and poetry!

Pomegranate’s Home and Beyond poetry camp is a fun, safe space where participants will be inspired to create, express and imagine!!

Workshop details:

Ages: 9-12 years

Dates: 20th October and 27th October

Timing: 12pm to 4pm

Venue: The Pomegranate Workshop, Ground Floor, Kalpana Building, Next to Don Bosco International School, Matunga East

Note for parents and participants: Students must carry a good dry snack, water bottle and cap as they may step outdoors for different art activities

Faculty: Snehal Vadher is an educator and writer who has been teaching English
and Creative Writing for over eight years. He holds a Masters degree in Creative Writing from The University of Manchester. He spent the last two years
voluntary-teaching English in rural Nepal. He currently writes
part-time for Peepal Farm, a stray animal rescue centre near
Dharamsala. Some of his work can be found online at Vayavya, Almost
Island and Juggernaut.

Course fee: Rs, 4400/- including all materials:  (Participants will be provided stationery for writing as well as handouts.)

To register, please mail Zahra or Ruchika at with the participant’s full name and mobile number. Seats will be confirmed on fee payment.

For further enquiries contact

Zahra 9820521940 or Ruchika 8605286418 email:

Note: Cheques may be made out to ‘Pomegranate Eduworkshop Pvt. Ltd.‘. Cash Payments can be made from 11 am – 4 pm, Monday – Saturday at the Pomegranate office. Cheques can be couriered across to the office. Our address is:

The Pomegranate Workshop

Gr. Flr, ‘Kalpana’

Plot no. 14, Marubai Mandir Road,

Next to Don Bosco International School

Matunga (East) – 400 019

THEATRE Batch 2018-19!

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Pomegranate’s Experience Theatre!

July 2018- Feb 2019

Registrations are now open for Pomegranate’s extremely popular integrated theatre program with top notch faculty!

Productions from Pomegranate’s earlier Experience Theatre programs now form a repertory of shows that get performed across the city of Mumbai in top venues creating a unique segment of theatre by young adults for young adults!

In 2016 Pomegranate’s student production Antigone 2.0 was in the top 10 theatre picks for the year by the Mumbai Theatre Guide!

Pomegranate shows have been selected and performed at the National Center for the Performing Arts (‘Antigone 24×7’ and Antigone 2.0) and have been featured multiple times at Sitara Studio (‘The Wizard of Oz and Rapunzel Retold!’ ‘Playtime’ and ‘Whats in A Play’?) and the P L Deshpande Academy (The Fall of Zahhak, A Tale from The Shahnameh). Take Me Home, an adaptation of Manto’s Toba Tek Singh at G5A

Pomegranate’s highly reputed multi faculty Experience Theatre program focuses on every aspect of theatre: building self-awareness, spatial awareness, movement, rhythm, improvisation, mime and clowning,  voice (clarity, projection, inflection, pauses and exercises for cultivating the voice). Body language, gestures, role playing, use of physical space and props.

Most importantly the participants entirely imagine and script their final production through a unique facilitated process which enables them to adapt a text/build a story from scratch, write dialogue, envisage the entire story and then perform it.

Program Highlights:

Constant creation, the joy of sheer play, expanding the imagination, improvisation, ensemble work, heightened expression through the body, cultivating spatial awareness, developing mutual trust as a team,  working with excerpts from plays, clowning, voice work, collectively creating through different stimuli like painting, poetry and finally, the grand culmination in the form of an adaptation of an existing play or a novel, or building a play from scratch where the ideas and experiences introduced before will be consolidated and newer questions like sound and set design will be encountered to make for a year-long intense experience with theatre.

In addition, observing and appreciating each other’s performances through the year will help cultivate the art of spectatorship and develop a dramatic vocabulary.

Program Faculty includes:

Joy Fernandes has over 25 years of theatre experience both internationally as well as nationally. His experience spans across working on stage, in films, on TV, in advertisements, writing a book, conducting workshops, conceiving, designing & directing events, writing ad copy and scripts!

Joy has just completed an extremely well received tour of Merchants of Bollywood directed by Toby Gough across London and Berlin, where he played the principal character of Shantilal Merchant. The production has also toured Australia (Perth) and Singapore and had a 17 city tour of China.

In A Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by Time Supple, Joy played the lead character of Nick Bottom and travelled successfully to perform over 250 shows (spanning more than 2 years) in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Verona and India.

Here is what The Guardian, UK has to say about Joy‘…And there is a magical moment in the play when the dying Pyramus announces ‘my soul is in the sky’…it is appropriate that the line is spoken by Joy Fernandes’ Bottom, since his performance epitomises the virtues of this production. Fernandes has weight, dignity and the total dedication of the artisan turned actor…’ – Michael Billington, The Guardian, UK.

Gerish Khemani has been working in the theatre in varied capacities since 12 years. He started off his theatre journey in Mumbai as an actor with the theatre group Working Title 2.0 acting in several of its productions like Once Upon A Tiger, Arabian NightsTukra’s Dream and Stage Two Theatre’s Three Short Plays by Ranjit Hoskote. Alongside, he has been working with companies like Theatre Professionals Pvt Ltd and The Pomegranate Workshop as a freelance drama facilitator, using drama as a learning tool to impart both theatre based and life-skills. He has also worked as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Theatre Arts teacher and IB Theatre Arts examiner.

In March 2015, he founded his own theatre group, The Blind and the Elephant, which staged its first production Ripples, a play dealing with questions of teaching and learning, co-written and directed by him, which was performed across the country and drew favourable reviews from critics, practitioners and the general audience.

Gerish is a recipient of the Charles Wallace Scholarship by the British Council to pursue the Devising Theatre and Performance course at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) situated in Berlin where he deepened his artistic and pedagogical journey. He recently completed the second part of the course at LISPA in Berlin.

In August 2017, he was awarded the prestigious Hindu Playwright Award along with his co-writer Akshat Nigam for their play In Search of Dariya Sagar for the new unpublished and unperformed script at the Hindu Theatre Festival 2017.

Neha Singh is a Mumbai based theatre practitioner. She has worked in over fifteen professional theatre productions in Mumbai as an actor, playwright, producer and director. She runs her own theatre production company called ‘Rahi Theatre Company’ and has produced two plays under her banner; ‘Dohri Zindagi’ and ‘Jhalkari’.

Neha is a children’s author and has written five books for children so far. ‘The Wednesday Bazaar’ and ‘Bela misses her train’ with Karadi Tales, ‘Moongphali’ for Rupa and Co., ‘Its playtime’ for Pratham’s Storyweaver and her latest offering ‘I need to pee’ with Puffin, India. She contributes poems and stories in Hindi to Bhopal based children’s magazines Chakmak and Pluto. She conducts sessions around her books with children across India, in literature festivals, theatre festivals and also as part of outreach programs.

Neha is a women’s rights activist and spearheads a movement called ‘Why loiter?’, which aims at reclaiming public spaces for women, and is currently in its fourth year since conception.

Her other interests include filmmaking, Indian classical music and Kalaripayattu.

Course dates are 14th July 2018- 23rd Feb 2019

Final performance on Sunday 24th Feb, venue to be communicated

Classes will be conducted only on Saturdays except in the last week before the performance where additional classes may be scheduled depending on requirement for each batch, please see the schedule below.


3rd November & 10th November (Diwali), 26th January (Republic Day), 22nd & 29th December (Christmas)

Age Groups: 8-11 years and 11 – 15 years


8-11 years- 10 am – 12 noon

11-15 years- 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Rehearsal timings on Jan- 5, 12, 19th

Feb – 2, 9, 16, 23rd, will be as follows:

Ages 8-11 (10 am to 12 30 pm)

Ages 11-15 (1 pm-4pm)

Rehearsal timings on

Feb- 18, 20 for Ages 11-15 will 4:30 to 7:30

Feb- 19, 21 for Ages 8-11 will be 4:30 to 7:30

Program Venue: PL DESHPANDE ACADEMY (Ravindra Natya Mandir Complex), Behind Siddhivinayak Temple, Prabhadevi.

Course Fee: First instalment Rs 25000 from July to November and second instalment (costs towards the show) Rs 8000 from December to Feb to be paid in the first week of December (the fee includes all material costs for the course as well as set elements, props and final performance and venue costs)

To register please fill this form -

Or reply to Ruchika on this email with your full name, mobile number and address. Kindly state your planned mode of fee payment in the email. If you wish to make a bank transfer, kindly request for our account details in your email.

Registrations will be confirmed on payment.

Payment could be by cash (at our office address given below), cheque courier (details below) or bank transfer (account details will be provided on request)

Note: Cheques may be made out to ‘Pomegranate Eduworkshop Pvt. Ltd.‘. Cash Payments can be made from 11 am – 4 pm, Monday – Saturday at the Pomegranate office. Cheques can be couriered across to the office.

Our address is:

The Pomegranate Workshop

Gr. Flr, ‘Kalpana’

Plot no. 14, Marubai Mandir Marg,

Next to Don Bosco School

Matunga (East) – 400 019

For further details please contact Ruchika on 8605286418

Let’s play with English!

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Let’s Play with English! Is a workshop where children can acquire basic skills in spoken and written English under the guidance of professionals. The faculty at this course consists of trained storytellers and English-language trainers who have developed special methods drawn from a range of arts – story telling, theatre, audio and visual media – to enhance a child’s comfort with using the language.

Creative expression through story construction, spontaneous theatre activities and music and rhyme will be core to Lets Play with English! The primary objective is to get children to make friends with the English language and discover new uses for it Everyday.  The course will be conducted by qualified professionals using stories from around the world, games, drama and other arts based activities that encourage children to strengthen their communication skills, build their vocabulary and develop confidence in their daily interactions.

Let’s Play with English! Read it, Speak it, Enjoy it Is a first-of-its-kind course based on the latest practices adopted around the world in the area of facilitating English language speech, communication and expression.

What’s Your Story

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What’s Your Story is a Creative Writing workshop where children can interact with some of the leading experts in storytelling and writing across different genres in Poetry and Fiction such as Myths, Fables, Fairy Tales, Heroic Stories, etc. Over the course of this workshop, children will gain exposure to a wide range of literature, discover new forms of story writing, and realize their own writing potential under the guidance of our faculty.

Thinking 3-D

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This workshop aims to stimulate and develop both, the imagination and spatial intelligence of children by presenting them with an artistic challenge that is unique: It takes ‘Art & Craft’ beyond the limitations of 2-dimensional surfaces such as paper. It brings abstract concepts such as form and shape in art, structure, geometric shapes etc. out of the world of textbooks and into the world of experience. The process encourages lateral thinking, conceptual skills and creative visualization, qualities that are invaluable in any field Architecture, Design, Engineering, Computer Graphics, etc. It is an exciting and hands-on way of exploring fundamental concepts in design using the imagination.

Art of Science

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The objective behind The Art of Science is a creative discovery of proportion in geometric forms found in nature. Using materials provided in the workshop and with Nature as a model, the children will explore 2 dimensional compositions and build 3-Dimensional objects that possess the Golden Proportion or follow the Fibonacci Sequence. Rather than “learning” abstract concepts such as Ratio and Proportion in a classroom, the children will discover their presence and role in the creation of things. The children will use basic scientific and mathematical concepts to create their own physical works of art. This unique workshop unites three diverse fields even as children enjoy themselves with the materials on hand and an exploration of science and math in the most imaginative ways.

The Magic reading room

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The Magic Reading Room – inviting young children into the magical world of books, to inculcate a love of reading in a manner that stimulates their imagination and promotes a love for stories from around the world.

The Magic Reading Room is a Storytelling and Reading workshop that boasts a special selection of books formulated by expert educationists and conducted by a faculty of storytellers, writers, artists and theatre persons. Over 10 sessions spanning 2 months, children will experience marvelous new ways to sharpen their imagination, enhance their vocabulary and acquire reading and verbal skills.

The workshop features renowned authors such as Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss and Ludwig Bemelmans; popular tales such as ‘Because a Little Bug went Ka-choo!’, ‘Tuesday’ and ‘Squids will be Squids’; and loveable loony characters such as Amelia Bedelia, Franklin the Turtle and the Berenstain Bear Family. These stories have been selected for the superior quality of their writing, fascinating illustrations and memorable characters.

Truly a fascinating expedition, The Magic Reading Room is for those who fancy a few flights of fancy!

Bringing Life to Art with Aditi Chitre

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Bringing Life to Art has received its kudos from the Children’s Film Society of India: one of the films made at the July batch in 2011 was selected at the Competition level at the ICFFI (International Children’s Film Festival of India), under the ‘Little Directors’ Category! In November 2011, the children were invited by The Government of India to attend the festival as participants, and attended panel discussions and workshops along with children from all over the country.

Basic Animation can be accomplished without using any animation software. Bringing Life to Art is a workshop that introduces children to basic concepts, principles and techniques in Animation by experimenting with different styles and ideas in their own animated film.

At the workshop, the children use paint, clay, paper cutouts, collage, chalk etc to discover a new medium of storytelling. They come up with creative ideas that are inspired as much by the materials at hand as their own imagination. They also watch short animated films from around the world, widening their horizons and augmenting their exposure to international art.

The aim of the workshop is to provide a conceptual adventure for the children to see their artworks transformed into life and motion, telling stories of their own making. Towards the end of the workshop, their works are edited into an animation film. This helps concretize their understanding of the medium and set their minds excited and ticking to what else they can explore in the following sessions.

About Aditi Chitre: Aditi acquired her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art (BFA) in 2004 from MS University in Baroda, and has since exhibited as an independent artist, worked as an assistant film maker and currently makes her own films. She has conducted workshops in creative art and storytelling through animation all over the country, including Pondicherry and Nagaland. In 2010, she released her first animation film, Journey to Nagaland which has subsequently been screened at IFFI, Goa, Asian Women’s Film Festival and the 15th Seoul Cartoon and Animation Festival.

All the World’s a Classroom

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Imagine a classroom with no walls: the subject of study standing before the child’s eyes, an experience no textbook illustration can ever provide; a syllabus that’s alive, and you’re in it.  If the city was your laboratory, what would your first experiment be?

The Pomegranate Workshop presents All the World’s a Classroom, a liberating and exciting workshop where children are encouraged to apply first hand the techniques and skills learned in classrooms, and use their imagination to translate lived experiences of the world into their creative works.

Over the course of this workshop, children visit locations and monuments that represent both, the cultural heritage of Mumbai and its aesthetic accomplishments. Guided by our expert faculty, the children render what they observe and perceive into unique artworks of their own.

Ages: 9-13yrs


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Screen-Play, the film-making workshop at The Pomegranate Workshop has been held during every summer vacation since 2008, and has proved to be one of our most popular workshops. Conducted by award-winning filmmaker Hansa Thapliyal, film editor Niraj Voralia and cameraperson Lalit Tiwari – alumni of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) Pune and established professionals in their respective fields – Screen-Play has proved to be a hotbed of creative ideas, creative experiments and cinematic gems.

Right from conceptualizing the story, writing the script, planning the shoot, shooting the film and completing the edit, the children experience through the complete process of film making. The idea is to treat film making as yet another form of creative expression where the technical details are explained in a way the child can understand and assimilate.

The end result is the creation of a film made entirely by the children, a unique expression and experience they will never forget. Not to forget a one-of-its kind opportunity to explore their own strengths and the creative potential of team work. The children also benefit from maximum interaction with the faculty given the very restricted seats of 12 participants.

Hansa Thapliyal won the national award for best short film for her diploma film which was screened at various international festivals; she has since been focusing on script writing and direction. Niraj Voralia is a film editor and also teaches editing to post graduate students of mass communication at Sophia Polytechnic.

Ages: 10-14yrs

The Flying Carpet

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A workshop that’s simply out of this world! Flown in from parts hitherto unknown, we bring you The Flying Carpet: an exploration of various forms of art and writing from different countries from all over the world.

At The Flying Carpet, the children get to write Japanese Haiku poems and in the styles of Native American and African myth; sway their hips to exciting tribal dances; and discover Japanese painting, terracotta clay modeling and exciting illustration styles by international artists. The Flying Carpet promises exposure to entirely new forms of art, writing and performance for children through a fantastic journey that broadens the child’s own view of the world.

The workshops are conducted by established professionals in Art, Writing, Dance, Theatre, Traditional Arts and Crafts, etc.

Ages: 7-10yrs

African Mask Making

Illustration in the style of Eric Carle ('The Hungry Caterpillar', 'Head to Toe')

Nature Poetry session conducted at Five Gardens

Write It, Paint It, Act It

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Before the curtain is raised, before the lights come on – that’s when dreams are spun. Write It, Paint It, Act it takes children to the root of the creative process: where ideas are hatched, stories are made and the stage is set. At Write It, Paint It, Act it, children ideate, create and develop a single concept or story on all fronts – writing, art and performance – and build it up to put up a small presentation on the final day.

Warming up with Theatre Exercises

At Write It, Paint It, Act It, children do not have to worry about dishing out a hastily compiled production on the final day: rather, every day of the workshop stands out as an independent session, where they revisit the creative process and recreate their stories using a plethora of art forms. These written, painted, and choreographed elements are brought together on the final day to culminate in a performance where each and every ingredient belongs to the children themselves.

Painting backdrops for every scene

The workshop is a 12-day extravaganza, conducted by experts and qualified professionals in the arts who step in at different stages of the project and take them through the basics of writing, directing, designing and blocking the concept. Our faculty includes writing experts Chatura Rao and Hansa Thapliyal, Visual Arts expert Madhumita Srivastava, theatre person Shivani Vakil Sawant amongst others.

Ages: 7-10yrs and 10-14yrs

A Performance for Parents on the last day