Hiroshima Day – August 6

The Pomegranate Magic Reading Room picked the text ‘Hiroshima’ by Laurence Yep and conducted a small activity around it with grade four. The activity draws from a true story which is told to us towards the end of the book.

The true story is of a girl called Sadako Sasaki who lived in Hiroshima at the time of atomic bombing by the United States. She developed Leukemia due to the radiation. She began making origami paper cranes because she was inspired by a Japanese saying that if one creates a thousand paper cranes they will be granted with their deepest wish. Her wish was the live. Sadako could only manage to make 644 cranes and died shortly after making them.

On August 6, children from across the world send paper cranes which are hung above Sadako’s memorial in Hiroshima.

Children from the Magic Reading Room created their own origami paper cranes as a tribute for Sadako.