World Cinema Programme

The Pomegranate Workshop has been conducting a film appreciation program for the last three years. Age relevant cinema from across the world are screened and discussed with the children drawing their attention to cultural context, story, plot, narrative structure and historical context. World cinema comprising films by Majidi and Kiarostami from Iran, Miyazaki from Japan, Albert Lamorisse and Jacques Tati from France, classics like Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and The Beast, select films from the NFDC in India apart from engaging films from Africa, the UK and US comprise the varied and extremely selective films we choose for the children. The screenings are accompanied by discussions and sometimes small activities that help drive home important aspects of the film. Children gradually learn to interpret cinema in their own way. The progression of films in the course of the year is also carefully plotted to keep the children engaged even as the films get more complex as the course progresses.