Magic Reading Room

TV.  If kids are entertained by two letters, imagine the fun they’ll have with twenty-six.  Open your child’s imagination.  Open a book.  ~Author Unknown

It is our belief that children today, exposed to different media vying for their attention, need a reading program that actively inculcates the reading habit. In response to this need, the Pomegranate Magic Reading Room has been carefully crafted to assist children’s development as readers. This reading program is specially designed for grades 1-6.

Theatre, games, visual art and self expression through writing are just some of the ways in which we draw children into the world of narrative, characters, plot, conversation, concentration and vocabulary building. Our goal is to introduce children to the joy of reading. We do this by engaging them with a host of riveting books, carefully selected for their powerful narratives and ability to deal with issues of relevance to the children. Most of the books in our selection, have received international awards for their thematic and aesthetic excellence. Our focus is purely to develop in the child a deep love of stories. However, their development as a reader does have ripple effects that do show in other areas of education.

Magic Reading Room is modelled on the requirements of the PYP program followed by the IBO. The program is operational at leading IB schools like D Y Patil International School and the Aditya Birla World Academy in addition to ICSE school- Shishuvan.