Let’s play with English!

Let’s Play with English! Is a workshop where children can acquire basic skills in spoken and written English under the guidance of professionals. The faculty at this course consists of trained storytellers and English-language trainers who have developed special methods drawn from a range of arts – story telling, theatre, audio and visual media – to enhance a child’s comfort with using the language.

Creative expression through story construction, spontaneous theatre activities and music and rhyme will be core to Lets Play with English! The primary objective is to get children to make friends with the English language and discover new uses for it Everyday.  The course will be conducted by qualified professionals using stories from around the world, games, drama and other arts based activities that encourage children to strengthen their communication skills, build their vocabulary and develop confidence in their daily interactions.

Let’s Play with English! Read it, Speak it, Enjoy it Is a first-of-its-kind course based on the latest practices adopted around the world in the area of facilitating English language speech, communication and expression.