Zahra Gabuji

Zahra  holds an MA (honours) in English Literature from The University of Mumbai. She also has a post graduate diploma from Social Communications Media, at Sophia Polytechnic. She began her journey with Pomegranate after a brief stint at Hindustan Times in 2011. She is extremely passionate about the arts in education and is of the belief that the arts are imperative in a world that is slowly becoming so intolerant. She has a keen interest in literature, writing, documentaries, films and aesthetics. At The Pomegranate Workshop, she is Head of Content and Programming where she conceptualizes, organizes and conducts workshops. Her sessions are ‘a window to the world’ with social, political, environmental connections that encourage children to think about the world they live in. She believes that some day we will build a Pomegranate school where the arts will be used to talk about ecosystems, economics and diseases in a way never done before and there will be no right or wrong.