Bringing Life to Art with Aditi Chitre

Bringing Life to Art has received its kudos from the Children’s Film Society of India: one of the films made at the July batch in 2011 was selected at the Competition level at the ICFFI (International Children’s Film Festival of India), under the ‘Little Directors’ Category! In November 2011, the children were invited by The Government of India to attend the festival as participants, and attended panel discussions and workshops along with children from all over the country.

Basic Animation can be accomplished without using any animation software. Bringing Life to Art is a workshop that introduces children to basic concepts, principles and techniques in Animation by experimenting with different styles and ideas in their own animated film.

At the workshop, the children use paint, clay, paper cutouts, collage, chalk etc to discover a new medium of storytelling. They come up with creative ideas that are inspired as much by the materials at hand as their own imagination. They also watch short animated films from around the world, widening their horizons and augmenting their exposure to international art.

The aim of the workshop is to provide a conceptual adventure for the children to see their artworks transformed into life and motion, telling stories of their own making. Towards the end of the workshop, their works are edited into an animation film. This helps concretize their understanding of the medium and set their minds excited and ticking to what else they can explore in the following sessions.

About Aditi Chitre: Aditi acquired her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art (BFA) in 2004 from MS University in Baroda, and has since exhibited as an independent artist, worked as an assistant film maker and currently makes her own films. She has conducted workshops in creative art and storytelling through animation all over the country, including Pondicherry and Nagaland. In 2010, she released her first animation film, Journey to Nagaland which has subsequently been screened at IFFI, Goa, Asian Women’s Film Festival and the 15th Seoul Cartoon and Animation Festival.