The CSMVS Museum

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya – CSMVS (formerly known as the Prince of Wales museum, Western India) and The Pomegranate Workshop have devised a unique scheme for children to explore the rich and vast treasures of the Museum like never before.

Through such workshops as History in the Making, Ganesha Goes Green and Make Your Own Heirloom, we select sections/themes from among the exhibits at the museum, and use them as launchpads for a magical journey of discovery into the art behind the history and the history behind the art.

At History in the Making, held in May 2009, the children revisited techniques and materials used in creative arts across history with miniature painting, terracotta clay modeling, outdoor watercolour painting, myth writing and calligraphy before taking a tour of the relevant sections of the museum.

Ganesha Goes Green was a special workshop to commemorate the Ganpati festival wherein the children made Ganesha idols using natural terracotta clay and other eco-friendly materials.

Make Your Own Heirloom was an exciting introduction to the newly inaugurated Tata Collection which includes paintings, sculptures, handicrafts and textiles from around the world. Thus the children discovered Chinese-style ceramic painting, cloth collage and Tanka-style painting.

And that’s not all: every session includes a visit to a part of the museum conducted by senior Museum curators, where children can develop a familiarity with the pieces of heritage that reside within the museum. The CSMVS premises are innovatively used for various workshops which sensitize children to the beautiful architecture of the monument itself.