The Flying Carpet

A workshop that’s simply out of this world! Flown in from parts hitherto unknown, we bring you The Flying Carpet: an exploration of various forms of art and writing from different countries from all over the world.

At The Flying Carpet, the children get to write Japanese Haiku poems and in the styles of Native American and African myth; sway their hips to exciting tribal dances; and discover Japanese painting, terracotta clay modeling and exciting illustration styles by international artists. The Flying Carpet promises exposure to entirely new forms of art, writing and performance for children through a fantastic journey that broadens the child’s own view of the world.

The workshops are conducted by established professionals in Art, Writing, Dance, Theatre, Traditional Arts and Crafts, etc.

Ages: 7-10yrs

African Mask Making

Illustration in the style of Eric Carle ('The Hungry Caterpillar', 'Head to Toe')

Nature Poetry session conducted at Five Gardens