Write It, Paint It, Act It

Before the curtain is raised, before the lights come on – that’s when dreams are spun. Write It, Paint It, Act it takes children to the root of the creative process: where ideas are hatched, stories are made and the stage is set. At Write It, Paint It, Act it, children ideate, create and develop a single concept or story on all fronts – writing, art and performance – and build it up to put up a small presentation on the final day.

Warming up with Theatre Exercises

At Write It, Paint It, Act It, children do not have to worry about dishing out a hastily compiled production on the final day: rather, every day of the workshop stands out as an independent session, where they revisit the creative process and recreate their stories using a plethora of art forms. These written, painted, and choreographed elements are brought together on the final day to culminate in a performance where each and every ingredient belongs to the children themselves.

Painting backdrops for every scene

The workshop is a 12-day extravaganza, conducted by experts and qualified professionals in the arts who step in at different stages of the project and take them through the basics of writing, directing, designing and blocking the concept. Our faculty includes writing experts Chatura Rao and Hansa Thapliyal, Visual Arts expert Madhumita Srivastava, theatre person Shivani Vakil Sawant amongst others.

Ages: 7-10yrs and 10-14yrs

A Performance for Parents on the last day