Komal Suryawanshi

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Komal Suryawanshi feels ”every line is a helping line” and she encourages her students to avoid thinking about ‘mistakes’ and learn to love to what they draw. An alumni of the Thane school of Art with a focus on Printmaking, Komal credits her environment for her varied artistic work. She helps in research and class room processes for Pomegranate’s art and aesthetics programs, designs inspiring sets with the most varied materials for Pomegranate’s productions, creates posters and playbills and supports the many art programs that Pomegranate holds through the year.  What she likes best at Pomegranate is that she gets the opportunity to observe so many artistic processes beyond her own specialisation – storytelling, creative writing, theatre, all of which has inspired her to try different approaches in her own art’.

Komal’s styles of interest include Folk Art, Kerala style paintings, Madhubani for  its elegance and  art with far – eastern influences. She enjoys researching performing art, sculpture and architecture for her classroom plans .

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