That was how Hannah Kagalwala a 12 year old participant in The Pomegranate Workshop™’s summer program this year chose to explain and depict the ‘origin’ of the pomegranate!

Hannah decided to give the pomegranate her own “origin myth” at our tribal art session which highlighted the art and origin myths of the Gond tribals of Madhya Pradesh in central India.

After viewing fascinating works on canvas which depicted stories on the origin of the universe, plants and beings by Gond tribal artist Venkatraman Singh Shyam from Bhopal, Hannah and her friends set to work coming up with whacky (and sometimes serious) origin myths of their own.

The result was pure fun, imagination and hard work.

That’s what we do at The Pomegranate Workshop™ – provide triggers for creativity and then watch as you let yourselves go. And that is pretty much our approach towards various creative disciplines – art and craft, story writing, illustration, sculpture, performing arts, nature based sessions and sometimes a little bit of everything – in structured modules that layer multiple disciplines and focus on self expression and experiential learning.

The result as you will see on these pages, is a serious approach to bringing out latent forms of expression.